Tips on Overcoming Anger As Children Wrong

Sometimes, children can do things that make their parents angry. Very reasonable delinquency occurs, especially in the age of the bench stepping right-kindergarten or elementary school.

Angry or upset because delinquency is not prohibited. But do not yell or scold with children with high tone and rough, even though physical violence. There are several strategies to deal with anger in children, as quoted from the parent wonder.

1. When children start annoying and anger, take a deep breath slowly. This will prevent you say rude or yelled at the child. Repeat several times until feeling a little quiet, before you say or do anything. Once calm, the brain will think more clearly so you can control what you will talk about later.
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Fun Activities Kids Together At Power Off

Energy saving program ‘Earth Hour’, initiated the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) held back. Starting tonight (26/03/2011) at 20:30 to 21:30 local time, houses and offices are encouraged to put out electricity simultaneously for 60 minutes.

The program is expected to be conducted simultaneously in 128 Countries, is an effort to raise awareness of the problem of climate change. It also acts as a form of expression that everyone in a large scale can help change our planet for the better. This action is not only the lights, but also unplug electrical switch of the computer, television, radio, or other electronic devices.

‘Earth Hour’ you can also use as a means of educating the children, to teach the importance of saving energy for the survival of the earth and living things in the future. Therefore, you should participate in the movement of a power cut tonight.

No lights or television programs may make the child bored. Explaining at length about the benefits of this program will surely make your child getting bored. Why not do fun things during power outages?
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8 Gifts That Can Make a Little Love Read

According to data from the National Center for Education Statistics in the United States, children whose parents read to them diligently tend to become better readers. Children also become more clever at school.

How to keep kids so like to read? Here are eight gift that can make your child want to read the book, as quoted from Scholastic:

1. The seats were comfortable
Before the child opens a book, he would need a comfortable place to read. So it would not hurt you looking for a comfortable chair to put in the corner of his bedroom.

2. One Set Favorite Books
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Tips For The Small Not Afraid of the Dark

Sleeping with the lights turned off so the scariest thing for some children. Does that include your child? If so, the following tips so that your child is not afraid of the dark, as reported by eHow:

1. Make sure the child if he feels fear is normal. Having said that, children can begin to overcome his fear because they share his feelings.

2. Try talking to the child about what scared of darkness. By knowing more specific, you can more easily help your child overcome his fear. For example, if a child is afraid of the dark because it will be visited by a ghost.

According to Muhammad Rizal, from the Institute of Applied Psychology Psi UI, as reported detikHealth child was not familiar with the concept that the ghosts are scary, but the environment that created the concept.
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Survey: Parents Increasingly Rare Vacation with Kids

When was the last vacation with your kids? According to a survey in the UK, compared to 20 years ago, today, holidays with the family rarely done anymore.

The survey was followed by two thousand adults. In a survey initiated by 4Children’s organization, 62% of respondents believe now is a family vacation more rare than the first.

Of the survey are also known, only 16% of respondents feel less no significant difference than ever. While 12% of respondents said it is now a parent and a child more often vacation together.

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The benefits of breastfeeding are Not in Infant Formula

There is still a little baby can get breastfeeding exclusively for 6 months. Some babies just given formula made from cow’s milk. Though there are a lot of milk that contains no formula.

The first thing a mother needs to know is the content of human milk and cow’s milk is different. In cow’s milk protein level is 3.4 percent higher, while only 0.9 percent of human milk. Lactose content in human milk is 7 percent larger while in cow’s milk by 4.8 percent.

“Because it’s breast milk to formula milk for brain and muscle,” said Dr. Igan Pratiwi as Chairman of the Task Force IDAI ASI (Indonesian Pediatric Association) in the seminar on Improving Exclusive Breastfeeding For Infants in Support of MDGs at the Manhattan Hotel, Jakarta, Tuesday (29 / 3/2011).

The doctor who was familiarly called Tiwi said lactose is very important in the formation of brain myelin. Myelin serves to deliver the stimulation received by the baby. When suckling stimulus received by the child as her smell and hear and feel the breath of the mother.
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Inviting Children Understand Ethics Watch in Theaters

For some people, the presence of children in the cinema can be very distracting. Especially if it turns out the child is noisy and a lot of moves. As a parent, you need to know the ethics of taking him to a movie that does not interfere.

When it is appropriate to invite children to watch in cinema? Reported by iVillage, it all depends on the readiness of the child. Children who are sitting in class 1 elementary school, should have been ready. They are used to sit for hours in the classroom, so he is likely to feel comfortable sitting in the theater for at least 90 minutes.

As for the kids who just entered kindergarten, they should be able to understand the rules ‘not to speak’ in the cinema. They are old enough to know how to talk to whisper to you. But if your child has yet to grasp this concept, should not be used to take her to the movies.
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3 Unique Ways To Celebrate Pregnancy

Celebrating pregnancy is now not just immortalize your belly. Mothers in many parts of the world, including some celebrities have a way to enjoy their pregnancy.

Here’s bebeapa unique way, as reported by the Daily Mail:

bump Painting

Want your belly painted? Bump painting could be an option. There are many popular motif painted on the mother’s abdomen like a flower, an animal, an animal or a baby’s feet. Singer Mariah Carey who is currently expecting her first child, including those that did bump painting. Mariah belly painted pictures of butterflies.

The process of painting is also quite convenient for pregnant women. Mom can relax and relax, while the painter started menggoeskan brush on her stomach. Of course, the paint used contains no harmful chemicals.

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Determine Old Maternity Leave Breastfeeding Success

How long do you get time off to give birth? According to one study, duration of maternity leave could determine the success of a mother breastfeeding her baby.

The research was recently published in the journal Pediatrics. The study was conducted by Chinelo Ogbuanu and his team from the Georgia Department of Health, United States.

In that study, there were 6150 working women who become respondents. They were studied from before birth, during birth until two years later. The respondents were asked to report how long they breastfed infants and when to return to work.

Reported by Reuters, according to research results Ogbuanu, women who return to work six weeks or less, less likely to be successful long-term breastfeeding. While women who remain at home for at least nine months or at least 13 weeks after giving birth, more successful breastfeeding for three months or more. Continue reading “Determine Old Maternity Leave Breastfeeding Success”

Working Mom Just Got 81 Minutes for Children

At the present time, not a few women who have become mothers continue to work to help the family finances. Working mothers were so often feel the dilemma, split time for children, families and their jobs.

A British study recently revealed that working mothers can apparently only took 1 hour 21 minutes or 81 minutes to take care of children and families. While mothers who stay at home, have a couple of more times. These women dedicate 2 hours 35 minutes of their time to feed, bathe and play with children.

The above research conducted by the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD – Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development). The study also compares the performance of working mothers in the UK with 21 other industrialized nations.

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