Nokia Lumia 710 Launched

Nokia Lumia 710 the latest gadgets from Nokia, the handset with Windows Phone 7.5 or Mango officially launched Nokia at the Nokia World event in London. Both a weapon before Nokia will reportedly start poured more Windows phones this year.

Indeed, Windows Phone platform has been used a few phone vendors such as HTC, Samsung, to LG. However, Nokia believes they are better handsets and present the experience of using Windows Phone is real.

Worth the wait if gambling Nokia with Windows Phone OS sweet fruit. Some analysts believe Nokia Lumia has the potential to rival the iPhone or Android, from the design and the features it offers.

In terms of design, both the handset looks classy. Especially Lumia 800, which is intended for high-end segment. Then the Nokia 710 form something like the Symbian phones. Nokia 710 itself back cover can be replaced with a wide selection of bright colors. The Nokia Lumia 710, only 125.5 grams but the screen size is much smaller than the Lumia 800.

Physical buttons on the Lumia 710 is simple, there are three buttons that link the ‘previous’, home (Windows icon), and Search. But unfortunately, to a position in front view only two tabs that can slide back and forth by the user. Compare with other OS, which can even be more than 5 different tabs.
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Divorce Trigger Heart Attack And Stroke

More than half of the children whose families are divorced, sad and confused about the divorce of their parents. They also often suffer life, especially emotional problems, loss of sense of security. In addition children with divorced parents are embarrassed by divorce. They become inferior to other children.

The effects of divorce can be manifested in the form of behaviors, such as tantrums, being rude and aggressive action, became a recluse, no longer cheerful and sociable, difficulty concentrating and lack of interest in school work so that school performance tends to decrease, and especially dreamy imagining parents will be together again.

Interestingly, the impact of parental divorce turns out it also can affect heart health. It is delivered by research from the University of Toronto, which found that men whose parents divorced when he was not yet reached 18 years, three times more likely to develop stroke. On the contrary. Parental divorce does not increase the risk of stroke in women.
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7 Easy Ways to Change Home Decoration Day Only

Structuring the same from year to year can make you and your family members get bored. The bustle and busy schedule of activities each day, often an excuse to not have time to give a refresher on home decorating.

But if you want to spend a day just to redecorate, will give a significant difference in the overall look of the home. No need to buy a set of new furniture, repaint or replace curtains that takes a long time and cost are also not small.

If you have limited budget and time, simply subtract and add specific parts only. Slightest change, can give a fresh new look to the room. Peek way to redecorate your house, with six simple tips reported by She Knows this.

1. Replace One or two are Already Obsolete Furniture
You do not need to buy a set of new furniture to give a new feel to the room. Simply replace any worn out furniture that start with the new. For example, if a table in the living room already looks fragile due to many years of use, replace it with a small table or a vintage-style edgy. One small furniture, you do not have to make big to pocket. Find info furniture store that was having a discount via the Internet or come to the garage sale. Continue reading “7 Easy Ways to Change Home Decoration Day Only”

Work Most Dangerous to Your Health

The disease can come from anywhere. Interestingly, not only triggered by lifestyle and diet a person, but also of the type of work. Consider some type of work that can affect a person’s health, as quoted from

Teachers at the risk of arthritis

Arthritis or arthritis to be a health risk for many people who stood in his work, including teachers. Therefore, people with more work standing, must be smart to choose shoes that are comfortable and do not use high heels. Shoes are entitled actually put pressure on the joints of the foot.

Bankers with personality disorders and emotional risks

Under enormous pressure from his job, a lot of bankers who suffer emotional and personality disorders, such as stress or fatigue. In fact, some of them still suffer from the disorder after leaving the profession. Researchers from the University of Southern California found that insomnia, alcoholism, heart pounding, eating disorders and emotional outbursts many experienced bankers who have recently graduated from business school. Continue reading “Work Most Dangerous to Your Health”

HTC Android Smartphone Competition Heat

The growing and diverse variety of Android-based phones, making us, the consumers, are also increasingly difficult to make their choice. The developers seem to realize it. Finally, they decided to focus and concentrate to make a gadget that is different from the others.

Motorola had to make an Android smartphone that looks very stylish called Motorola Droid Razr. While the South Korean company, Samsung, make a phone with capabilities that match the shape and tablet PCs to produce Samsung Galaxy Note.

One of the most important parts of the smartphone and even often a major consideration for choosing Android phones, is the camera facility. Knowing this, one of the Chinese handset manufacturer has released its newest product that comes with a high quality camera to catch images, either photos or video. The new product named HTC One.

Announced on February 26, 2012 in Barcelona, ​​HTC said that it would issue three mobile variants One. First is the HTC One X which has a 4.7-inch wide screen and will be distributed by the company AT & T. The second variant will epithet HTC One S with touchscreen measuring 4.3 inches and will be launched to the market through the company’s T-Mobile. Lastly, the HTC One V which has a 3.7-inch screen. Continue reading “HTC Android Smartphone Competition Heat”

JK Rowling Build High Club Read

Author JK Rowling on Tuesday (Wednesday GMT) launch a virtual book club for young readers, and promised to appear on live video in October of Edinburgh, Scotland, to dialogue with fans about the Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

Publishers United States (U.S.) for Rowling, Scholastic, who built the club’s website read Harry Potter, said that the club is for fans of British witch, and a tool for parents or teachers who want to create a book club, to introduce the pleasure of reading in children.

“Scholastic has been in talks with educators, librarians and other book lovers about the idea of introducing Harry Potter books to new readers in a way that is interesting and different,” said Ellie Berger, President of Scholastic Trade, in a statement at the launch of the club .

He replied, “Reading Harry Potter Club is a direct answer to that input and provide clues about the features of this book that can be shared with a new generation of Harry Potter fans, whether inside or outside the classroom.”
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Frequently Disease Strikes Woman

Women tend to be more susceptible to disease than men. Why is that? Because more women are undergoing drastic changes, especially hormonal problems, ranging from children, teens, adults to seniors. This opinion is also supported by a study published Medical Association Journal, USA. So that we can be more alert, here are some diseases that often strike women:


Depression occurs due to lower levels of dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin which help withstand the stress. Depression is a lot happening in the postnatal (after birth) and menopause. A person with depression is usually characterized by symptoms such as sadness, shame, feeling guilty, helpless, crying, anxiety, insomnia, listlessness, aloof, trouble concentrating and have headaches, and muscle. Prevention solution is to implement a healthy lifestyle, do not limit yourself, always think positive, eat-nutritious foods and get enough rest.

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MotoACTV Friend At Work

It has been widely present some portable gadgets that can help you during exercise. Nike +, Polar, Garmin and Timex has created a gadget to make it easy to calculate how many calories you spend while exercising or calculating distance have you traveled while jogging.

Now, it has come a new gadget that can make you become more counting  sport. MotoACTV (read: moto-active) is launching its newest product.

MotoACTV looks very compact design. In addition to its small, MotoACTV has a touchscreen display that is surrounded by a variety of multifunction button. In addition, MotoACTV also have facilities such as the size of the headphone jack 3.5 mm, and a microUSB port for.

The design MotoACTV also quite interesting. Besides can be used on the wrist, like a watch, this gadget can also be worn on your arm using the armband accessories. However, if you really rarely do jogging and riding bikes more often, MotoACTV can also be mounted on your bike handlebar.
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How to Quickly Clean Home While Family Gather in New Year holidays

The holiday season, most people choose to spend time casually for traveling out of town or overseas. But there are some who prefer to stay at home and invite relatives to gather.

For those of you who prefer a family gathering to welcome the new year, which is certainly important to be prepared a clean and comfortable. In addition to using the usual cleaning fluid bought at the supermarket, you can use the materials and household kitchens that are already in the house. In addition to the maximum result, these cleaning materials also make your clean-up easier.

1. Lemon Essential Oil
Lemon is a suitable cleaning materials to clean as well as care for furniture made of wood. Pour a little oil into the lemon cleaning wipes, and use it to remove dust-dust on shelves, chairs, ornaments, picture frames or wooden floors. In addition, lemon oil is also suitable for cleaning tools made of stainless steel quickly. Same way, by rubbing dry cloth equipment that has been given oil. This method is a solution when you want to make the house clean and fragrant in a short time.
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Restraining Desire To Keep Chewing

There was a time when they want certain types of food, though not in a state of pregnancy. Food cravings actually clues that you missed something that is not food, so think Sophie Skover, author of The Continuous Appetite.

“Food cravings are an indication that something in your life is out of balance.” Learn your hunger. It is a good way to cut calories in the body.

1. Sweet
Do not immediately claim your sweet enthusiast. Because lust unbearable contain sweets could be because you are tired. Try it, pay attention to your sleep rhythm lately. “When you’re feeling tired, a lot of people crave sugar for a quick energy boost because sugar is the body’s main source of fuel,” said Elizabeth DeRobertis, RD., New York, USA.

Simple carbohydrates, such as sugars are digested more quickly by the body provide a quick energy boost while. Then with a quick sugar dropped again and you unconsciously look for alternative . As sweet foods, doing activities on foot. In a University of Georgia study, low-intensity exercise for 20 minutes to overcome fatigue.
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