The new Sony Smartphone, Xperia Neo L

In a first step after the acquisition of Ericsson, Sony makes some of the less popular policies in the eyes of consumers. One of the less popular policy is the use of Android Gingerbread 2.3 operating system on its first mobile phone, the Sony Xperia S. In fact, the specification of which is owned by Sony Xperia S, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich be quite easy to fulfill.

However, Sony was then answered with the announcement of negative criticism will update the Android OS 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich in the near future for the Xperia S. Not only that, some time ago, they announced a new product with the latest Android operating system, namely the Sony Xperia Neo L. Then, how the likeness of the Sony Xperia Neo L this?

First in terms of design, the Sony Xperia Neo L has a shape that is almost similar to the mobile phone Sony Xperia another. In terms of dimensions will Sony Xperia Neo L can not be described as a mobile phone with a tiny design. Sony Xperia Neo L appears with a large enough size, with dimensions of 121 x 61.1 x 12.2 mm and weighs 131.5 grams.

On the screen, this phone brings LED-backlit LCD capacitive touchscreen measuring 4.0 inches. This screen supports multitouch up to 4 points. The resolution presented was fairly good, which is 480 x 854 pixels with a pixel density of 245 ppi.

Do not forget, you can also find Timescape UI on it. Unfortunately, Sony Xperia Neo L is not present Sony Mobile Bravia Engine that usually accompany any output device Sony.
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Samsung Launches Galaxy Ace 2

After successfully issued the Samsung Galaxy Ace which was created as a weapon to target Samsung’s flagship Android Market now Samsung have been gearing up to release its latest smartphone, the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2.

Samsung Galaxy Ace has previously managed to become a major competitor iPhone 4 which previously had dominated the smartphone industry market some time ago.

Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 is a continuation of the first version of which features are offered on the Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 is more intense than ever. What are the advantages when compared to the previous version?

Shape of the body is carried by two different Samsung Galaxy Ace Samsung Galaxy Ace with his brother. If the Samsung Galaxy Ace brings candybar body with ergonomic design, this time Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 carrying the body candybar Android phone like the other samsung production. Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 has dimensions of 118.3 x 62.2 x 10.5 mm and weight of 122 grams.

Screen carried by Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 is the capacitive touchscreen with 16 million colors support and carry the PLS TFT technology which has a size of 480 x 800 pixels, 246 ppi, and screen dimensions of 3.8 inches. The screen on the new Samsung Galaxy is equipped with TouchWiz v3.0 UI and has supports multitouch.
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Failure to Appear Stunningly BlackBerry 10

Research In Motion does not seem to want to linger under the control of Google and Apple. In the event the BlackBerry World Conference held on May 1, 2012, it is clear that RIM wanted to compete in the smartphone market, behind market makes RIM slumped, with BlackBerry 10 shows a still a prototype.

Certainly, this is not the first time you heard the news about BlackBerry 10. RIM’s latest gadget is the “ultimate weapon” for the company based in Canada, to get back into the competitive smartphone market. “We want to give perspective to the consumer that this product is very easy to use,” said Thorsten Heins .

At the event, RIM CEO Thorsten Heins also demonstrate several new capabilities of BlackBerry 10. Equipped with the latest touch screen, you only have to shift some icons to view information from a document, view the latest email, mark your calendar, and add the information in the address book. A feature that we can meet in any smartphone that has been circulating in the market first.

RIM attempt to rise, it seems very difficult. If the analogy, RIM are now trying to rebuild from the rubble caused by his defeat in the smartphone competition. Prototype BlackBerry 10 does look pretty special in the conference program. However, there are still many who doubt the performance and quality of the mobile phone.
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Also Must Fit Brains

Healthy, it is the most important thing in every human body. Although health is expensive, there are still many people who watched less. Until the end condition is already severe pain were even able to realize that health care is important.

The brain has a very vital function in the activities of every person. Not only the body that requires exercise and exercise to maintain fitness condition, the brain has the same needs to be the thought process can be faster and also maintained the level of intelligence.

As reported by the World Fitnes, check out some of the following can you do to make the thought process becomes faster and the brain does not ‘slow’.

Express your artwork
Art is a source of exercise that can help improve part of the brain that works to express themselves non-verbally. The art of getting people to be creative, to use fine motor skills, and analytical thinking. Try to express by drawing or designing something, like a house, room, or other issues related to artworks.
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Samsung Galaxy Mini Still Wanted

The number of options in choosing the best mobile phone should also be tailored to your financial situation but also should have a good quality sometimes very confusing. But it turns out the Samsung Galaxy Mini is often used as an alternative option for most people.

Samsung Galaxy Mini itself is a new middle end phones that have their own charm that makes this phone much sought after. But do you know why the phone is much demand?

Starting from a variety of amenities such as a touchscreen like the high-end phone offered by Samsung Galaxy Mini, With a relatively cheap price, but given the quality of the Android OS along with the calculated maximum.

A large selection of varied colors on this phone like the Samsung Galaxy Mini S5570 has a black color variation with edge strip gray, black with green side stripe, and white with gray strip.

This phone measures 110.4 mm in length x 60.8 mm wide x 12.1 mm thick and weighs about 105 grams.
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Frequent Sneezing in Office Mark Allergy Symptoms

Often suffer from allergies in the office? The results of the survey in the UK showed that poor ventilation and lack of hygiene can lead to colds and sneezing.

The study involved 1003 office workers in the UK, especially allergy sufferers. Allergy symptoms most frequently reported were headache and fatigue. In fact, more than a quarter of respondents said that their allergies got worse when he was at work, as reported by NYDailynews.

In addition, 62 percent of respondents also experience itchy or watery eyes. 27 percent of respondents claimed to have difficulty breathing during the last year in their offices.

Here are the factors that cause allergies in your office.

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Samsung GALAXY S III Finally Officially Released

After rumors of release repeatedly reported, Samsung finally officially announced the presence of Samsung GALAXY S III Samsung unpacked event in 2012 in London. Samsung Galaxy S III is following HTC One X which also carries quad-core processors.

From the specification, upscale Android smartphone Samsung’s work armed Android 4.0 or Ice Cream Sandwich and a quad-core 1.4 GHz Cortex A9 Exynos 4212 chipset with Quad. For the screen, the Samsung Galaxy S III to use Super AMOLED HD screen (1280 × 720 pixels) 4.8-inch size. This is the largest screen size Samsung ranks No. 2 in the Galaxy (after the Galaxy Note).

The camera performance is also given special attention. For the rear camera, S III presents 8 MP camera with features HDR, flash and fast performance with no lag. While the front camera has 1.9 megapixel resolution support is capable of recording HD video. Given also improved battery capacity, which reached 2100mAh.

Kristian Tjahjono of mention that the Galaxy S III has one feature that lies in the approach to design and design a more user-oriented. Galaxy S III to recognize faces, movements and voice users.

Through the “Stay Smart”, the camera S III will detect your eyes and adjust the display settings appropriate activities underway. Also there is the “S Voice” to hear and capture your greeting. With “S Voice”, you can play songs, adjust the volume, send SMS and email, to schedule or start the camera, just by the sound. Overview of existing similar feature Siri iPhone 4S.
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Change Habits That Harm Squad

Good posture can maintain better health as well. Various activities are carried out every person in the course of daily life effect on the body. You certainly should be able to maintain a healthy body in order to do everything smoothly. Fatigue usually often feels at some point in the body that cause pain or pain.

There are some things you do unconsciously every day that it can cause pain or pain in the back, neck, and shoulders. The human body is like a car, can not suddenly become corrupted. Unhealthy habits that can be done repeatedly over the limit and develop injuries or back problems.

As reported by the World Fitnes, check out some of these habits are a common cause of impaired on your back.

According to the American Journal of Medicine, about 31 percent of young smokers in particular are more likely to suffer from back pain. Smoking can damage your blood circulation, so that the intake to the spine that serves to maintain the discs and joints is reduced.
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